The Community Right to Build is a new way for communities to choose for themselves where and when to build homes, shops, facilities and businesses – putting power back into the hands of local people where it belongs.

News from Right to Build

Support and grants are now available for a range of community-led initiatives whether submitting a Right to Build Order or progressing community-led development. Groups can develop their ideas on the development that they want and need in their areas.

What is the Community Right to Build?

Community Right to Build is an enabling right supporting local people to undertake development so that communities are collectively owning, developing and/or managing their own land and developments. As an alternative to the traditional application for planning permission, it gives communities the power to decide for themselves what happens in their neighbourhood.

The Community Right to Build forms part of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations made following the Localism Act 2011. Communities will be able to build:

  • family homes to sell on the open market
  • affordable housing for rent or to convert disused farm buildings into affordable homes
  • sheltered housing for elderly local residents
  • low cost starter homes for young local families struggling to get on the housing ladder
  • facilities such as a new community centre or a children’s playground

It depends entirely what local people decide their community needs. The benefits of these developments, such as any profits generated, will be managed by a community organisation on behalf of the whole community.

Support and advice

Find out more from the Understanding the Community Right to Build download and How does it work? route map which directs you to the information you need whatever stage of the journey you’re at.

£17m of funding has been made available by Department for Communities & Local Government through the Homes and Communities Agency for a range of community-led initiatives, and for those in London through the Greater London Authority - find out more about financial support.

Learn from groups which are leading communtiy-led developments through our case studies and for any specific questions get advice from one of our experts.

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