Looking to run or take over a local service?

The Social Investment Business has £10m in grants as part of the Community assets and services grants programme made available by Department for Communities & Local Government to help you with feasibility studies or the initial setup of the service. This grants programme is available for organisations using the Community Right to Challenge and for the running of local services more broadly.

Grants are also available to those using the Community Right to Bid and pursuing asset transfers.

Right to Challenge


Pre-feasibility grants are for amounts of up to £10,000 and are for organisations to build internal capacity to help them to compete to deliver public services.

Guidance to assist groups applying for pre-feasibility grants.

Pre-feasibility grants close on Friday 31 October 2014.


Feasibility grants will be available for organisations that are able to demonstrate that they have good potential to compete effectively to deliver public services. These grants are for up to £100,000 and can be used to support organisations in preparation for competing in procurement bids.

Guidance to assist groups applying for feasibility grants.

Feasibility grants close on Tuesday 30 September 2014.

Service delivery grants

There will also be a small number of service delivery grants. These grants will not be available by open application but we will invite applications from relevant bodies against a set of criteria which will be published on both this website and the Social Investment Business’s website. We expect that many of these service delivery grants will include a repayable element.

For information on the criteria in applying for a Community Right to Challenge grant visit the Social Investment Business’s website. Interested organisations will be required to discuss their proposal with the advice service on this website before applying.

Other funding available

The Investment and Contract Readiness Fund supports social ventures to build their capacity to be able to receive investment and bid for public service contracts.

Community builders has £2.5 million in some of the best, most promising examples of sustainable, community regeneration projects in England.

Funding Central is a useful online guide to over 4,000 grants, contracts and loans.

The Social Enterprise Investment Fund (SEIF) aims to support social enterprises deliver innovative health and social care services and products as well as to invest to help social enterprises to become sustainable in the longer term.

Community Cashback Starter grants are available up to £3000 for tenant groups who are interested in ‘Community Cashback’ agreements with their landlords. A Community Cashback agreement is a voluntary deal for tenants and residents to take control of small-scale local services such as cleaning, gardening etc.

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC), Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC) and the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) are launching the New Councils grants programme, a set of grants that aim to encourage the creation and continuation of parish councils in England. Numerous grants are available for parish councils in different categories. You can read more here.
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